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Staff and volunteers

Different people, different backgrounds, a shared vision!

All the GREAT people….

We are a team that is united in our passion for delivering amazing projects to our service users and partners.  At Families United Network, hard work and high expectations are the norm …but so is having FUN!

We are Families United Network!

Caroline Fonseca

Charity Development Manager

Hi my name is Caroline and I have recently joined Families United Network as Charity Development Manager.
I have 3 children aged 16, 13 and 3 who certainly keep me on my toes.
I am so pleased to have joined the team and have settled in so quickly thanks to such a great team.
I am looking forward to being part of FUN and helping this fantastic charity to grow.


Anne Collinson 

Business Manager

My name is Anne Collinson.  I am the mother of four children including my son Samuel who is 19 years old and has autism and ADHD.  I have worked for FUN since 2010 and I know first hand how important the charity is to families living with and supporting a disabled child.  I am pleased to be able to contribute to the charity’s continued success, so that it can continue to offer the help and support that children and young people with disabilities and their families desperately need.

Pauline Brennan

Services Administrator

Hello, I am Pauline Brennan, mum to two children, Alex and Will. Will is 16 and autistic and lives at a residential home. Before Will moved away we attended FUN Holiday club and I appreciated the time and effort that all staff members put into making this a safe and fun place to bring your child. Through charities like FUN I met some lovely people with whom I am still friends with today.

Harry Spillane

Respite Services Co-ordinator

Hello, I have worked for FUN now since 2014, joining as a Volunteer Support Worker. Before I knew it I was employed to work at every service, I became a lead at Saturday Club and Respite Club and continue to do that now. Recently I have been promoted to Respite Services Co-ordinator. FUN is a great place to work although it is serious and sometimes very challenging no two days are the same, the children we support are so unique and make the role so rewarding.

I have also been know to Bungee Jump, walk over hot coals and more for this wonderful charity. Skydive to come!

Sabba Parveen

Services Lead

Hello, My name is Sabba, I have been working for FUN for nearly 4 years now, across all the projects. I currently work across all of the services.

I am the eldest of 4, youngest being 7 and having a 18 year old sister who has special needs such as epilepsy, anxiety, hemiplegia and many more. So I have first-hand experience and I know how important having services and support is to families.

We are all a family at FUN from working with the young people throughout our services to jumping out of a plane to raising funds,  We have a fantastic support team, office team and management that support us.  I aim to keep it FUN and keep on my journey with a fantastic charity.


Louise Murtagh

Charity Administrator

Hello!  I’m Louise and I have recently joined FUN as the Charity administrator.  I am a mum to 2 children and for the last 8 years I have worked with families with children under 5 years.  I am very much looking forward to ‘getting stuck in’ and promoting FUN’s wonderful venue, facilities, activities and events.