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Vauxhalls do it again

Vauxhalls do it again

Vauxhalls have recently donated a number of bikes for our members to use.  Larger bikes can be used during Youth and Young Adult Clubs in the car park.  Vauxhalls also donated a bike extension so that one of our members could do family bike rides together.  Due to the number of families wanting this one item, FUN had a ballot and family that was picked has been enjoying the bike extension during the school holidays.

my daughter has loved her day today on it.. said it was the best day ever.. I think everyone here on holiday has heard her squeals of delight..

We are so grateful to Vauxhalls for their continued support they really do go the extra mile to support Families United Netwowk and our members.

Once the family have finished with the bike extension this will be returned to FUN so that another family will be able to benefit from the equipment.

Thank you Vauxhalls.


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