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Keech Swim Sessions

Swimming Sessions at the Keech Hospice Hydrotherapy Pool

 It is with regret and sadness that we have to report that it has become impossible for FUN to continue to offer our fortnightly hydrotherapy swimming sessions at Keech Hospice. 

Our swimming sessions at the Keech hydrotherapy pool have been a feature of FUN’s service offer to families for many years.  Unfortunately our continuing and ongoing difficulties with being able to provide two lifeguards and a receptionist at each swim session, as required by Keech Hospice, prevents us from continuing to offer this service to our members.

 FUN are no longer prepared to offer a service that is likely to continue to have to be cancelled regularly, due to our difficulties with staffing the sessions to the level that is required by the Hospice.  The disappointment of swimming cancellations causes upset and anxiety for the children and families that we are trying to support, and without being able to offer a reliable and consistent service, we are causing more distress to the children and young people that we are trying to serve.

 Our Keech swimming sessions are now ceasing with immediate effect, and any payments that have been made for future swimming sessions will be refunded in full to you within the next few days.

 Our sincere apologies for the loss of this service.

 Kind Regards,