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Our mission, vision and values

Families United Network (FUN) is a member based charity supporting children and young people living with additional needs or disabilities throughout Luton & Bedfordshire.  We receive funding for children and young people who live in Luton or Bedfordshire.

FUN provides service for families with children and young people aged from birth to 40 years.  Membership costs £24 per family per year, which allows you and your family to access our services & activities.

At Families United Network we are passionate about what we do and why we do it.  Here at FUN we are pretty proud of what we offer and we hope you will join us on our journey.

FUN aims to provide support for families by creating a relaxed and non-judgmental environment which supports inclusion. A particular benefit for members is the ability to try new experiences in a safe and understanding setting. Through our program of trips and clubs, families broaden their horizons as they gain confidence to access new activities for the first time. All of the activities that are offered allow families with disabled children and young people to access events and facilities, sometimes for the first time, in a way that families without disabled children take for granted.

Our mission

„To provide children and young adults with additional needs or disabilities with the support and leisure opportunities needed to reach their full potential.

„To provide support to parent carers and siblings in their role as care givers.

Our vision

„To create an accepting and supportive community in which children, young people and families living with disabilities can feel fully included and valued.

Our values

  • „Respectful and understanding
  • „Accepting and non-judgemental
  • Supportive and encouraging
  • „Celebrating difference and diversity
  • „Family focused