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Board of Trustees


Families United Network Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees have a legal and moral responsibility for governance across the charity.  They are also responsible for the strategy and development investing their authority in the management and staff to achieve this.

Our Trustees serve as volunteers therefore they are not paid for their work. Serving as a trustee is rewarding and enjoyable, and an opportunity to serve the community while learning new skills and meeting new people.

Some of Families United Network trustee’s have valuable personal experience in children with disabilities, to compliment this we are currently looking for people to serve as trustees who have a professional background in accounting, legal or media/marketing.

Please get in touch if you are interested in joining the board of trustees.

Meet the board..

Stuart Kite
Vice Chair / Acting Chair

I found FUN through my partner, as my step son uses the facilities they provide. Having seen first hand how important FUN is to us and many other families in the area I wanted to help in any way possible. Becoming a trustee I am hoping I can make a difference and help other families to access and use the facilities FUN provide.


Julie Tompkins
Trustee and Treasurer

I am Julie Tompkins, Mum to two children, Tyler & Kayleigh and a qualified Certified Accountant since January 2000, working full time based in Watford.  Tyler has global development delay and has been using FUN since beginning 2014.  FUN have provided Tyler with a safe environment from which Tyler has thrived upon and this has increased his independence and confidence as he develops into a young man.

I wanted to be able to give back to this amazing charity to help us to develop and grow, continue to support other families whose children, siblings and family can benefit from the facilities we can provide and improve upon in the coming years.

Michelle Titmus
Trustee and Secretary

Hi I’m Michelle. I was 1st introduced to FUN through my Best Friends children using the services. Over the years I have slowly been involved and volunteering more and more.
All my life I have been involved in charities, as a child Brownies/Guides/Scouts/Youth Club/St John Ambulance and then later being the leaders of them. Professionally I have worked in various forms of customer care until recently I made the leap to self employment in my dream job of baking/cake decorating.

Samantha Morgan

I am Samantha Morgan, mum to 3 grown up children Kelly, Kyle, and Alfie and also 7year old Archie who has Autism and 7q11.23 Duplication syndrome. My fiancé Stuart is also a trustee and we are a strong family unit.

I have mainly worked within care, looking after adults with learning disabilities for few years and also caring for the elderly.

As a family we have been part of FUN for roughly 2 and half years after being introduced to it through a friend. FUN really has been a life line as its great to be able to go somewhere safe where your not judged and from day 1 we were made to feel welcome.

I personally decided I wanted to become a trustee as I felt humbled with all the hard work and the dedication the staff had put in to making FUN work, and I knew I too wanted to give something back…for Archie and every other child.

Lindsey Meadows

My name is Lindsey Meadows and I’m a mother of two amazing children, Connie 4 and Alfie 6 who is autistic. We have been attending FUN (Families United Network) for the last 2 and a half years and absolutely love this place. The staff are amazing , friendly and help out by interacting with our children. It gives parents and carers the time to meet other people in the same situation sit back relax and let the children play knowing that they are perfectly safe. We will certainly be coming here until our children are too old to attend.

Nicola Ward


Hello, my name is Nicki. I am mum to Alfie, who has autism and ADHD. We have been attending FUN for the last 4 years, and it has become a bit of a sanctuary for us. It’s a place we both feel safe, happy and supported; by other parents, and also the amazing, welcoming staff. Becoming a Trustee has been very rewarding, and has given me a chance to give back to a charity that has done so much for us, and helped us through some very difficult times.

Sid Chakrabarty


I am Sid Chakrabarty, Dad of Sanmay 16 and Soumya 9. Sanmay has Autism and Anxiety Disorder. We have been using the services of FUN since he was very young for respite and clubs. We have always been very impressed with all staff in FUN for their dedication and caring attitude. I have always felt that I should get involved with this fabulous charity and assist in whatever way I can. As a trustee, I have more insight into how much hard work and planning go behind the scenes to enable this charity to provide the best support to the families