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Plans and ambitions

Forward with FUN

FUN needs and wants to expand its services to families living with disabilities. We are aware of a huge amount of unmet need across Bedfordshire and our local region. We intend to grow, but in light of the current funding climate we want to make sure we do so with careful planning and a big dollop of realism. It’s important that we develop the level of funding and a growing list of supporters to make this happen.

Growing to meet real needs

We aim to reach more families in need every year. We want to:

  • Expand from 320 member families to around 400 member families over the next 2 to 3 years
  • Provide services to children and young people with a broader range of disabilities and needs.
  • Provide a growing number of Saturday and weekday clubs and activities for teenagers and young adults.
  • Develop social enterprises to provide employment, training and other opportunities for young adults with additional needs.
  • Support families with young children who are newly diagnosed or who have been referred to specialist services for assessment.

We are very committed to working in partnership within our local area, and ensuring that we add value to our community. That means not duplicating existing services or competing with existing providers in a particular area.

Please advise us about what you think the greatest need is and where it is.