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Who we are


Because what FUN does is so very important and makes a genuine difference to the families, children and young people we support.

Families bringing up children with disabilities and special needs deal with all manner of pressures. Sadly this can include disapproval and misunderstanding from the public.

For example, one family with a 10-year-old boy with learning disabilities were deeply embarrassed by the looks, even glares from other families at a public swimming pool.

We’re making a difference

Having the opportunity to share in our clubs, swimming sessions and other activities with supportive people who understand – and with other families in the same boat – makes a huge difference.

Two per cent of the population are born with a learning disability and 20 per cent of the population have some form of disability or special need. A large number of the children and young people we work with have learning disabilities, ADHD, are on the autistic spectrum or have other lifelong conditions, including medical needs, which affect them and their families every day of their lives.

People with learning disabilities struggle with access to mainstream activities, employment, education, social inclusion and friendships. One in four say they have no friends at all. They experience discrimination and are more likely to have issues around health, poverty, housing and mental illness.

Parents often have to choose part-time or no work in order to care for their children. The pressures they are under also take a toll on their health and they need support and help.

That’s why we’re here

We hear inspirational stories of families who cope with the issues outlined above and of course, they love their children as all parents do.

And there are times when our support is transformational and life-changing – we often hear the phrase: “I don’t know what we would do without FUN.”

The origins of FUN

The FUN started in 1997 when a group of parents got together to discuss how little there was for them as a family. To their credit they did something about it and created Families United Network – or FUN, for short.

In 2002 FUN was registered as a charity and has provided a range of services since. FUN are working hard to expand and develop services, because we recognise the huge level of need in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas.