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Disability Awareness Training

Disability Awareness Training

Raising awareness of disability and it’s impact on the lives of those affected and their families.

Our Disability Awareness Training provides a general introduction to disability, with a strong emphasis on real life experiences and solutions. All of our training is delivered by parents of disabled children and young people who can offer first hand experience of what it is like to access educational, health and other services whilst living with a disability; both from the perspective of the disabled person themselves and their family members and carers.

Training is for professionals and support staff working with disabled people; employers and other public and private service providers.

Our Disability Awareness Training aims to:

  • Provide an initial introduction to disability in general and its impact on the lives of those living with additional needs and disabilities and their families.
  • Explain the main types of disability and the many elements of diagnoses, and how they can collectively affect the day to day lives of children and young people.
  • Change attitudes towards disability by giving real-life examples and a first-hand perspective on the lives of disabled people and their families.
  • Provide insight into what ‘Equality’ and ‘Access’ really mean to disabled people, and how these can genuinely be achieved.
  • Explain how to communicate effectively with disabled people and their families and carers; to inform change and so enhance good practice.
  • Offer practical ideas and solutions to promote inclusive practice within schools, colleges, leisure providers, community services and other organisations.
  • All of our training is delivered by parents and carers of disabled children or adults, who have first-hand knowledge and experience of the challenges and rewards of living with disability.

What Are the Expected Outcomes?
The Disability Awareness training has been designed to include real experiences that families with disabled children encounter on a daily basis. By providing real-life examples of the issues affecting people with disabilities and their families, it is hoped that after the training, people working with them will:

  • demonstrate a better understanding of the different types of additional need and disability
  • show more empathy towards families, having a better insight into what living with disability really means
  • have a fuller understanding of how to be a more inclusive organisation
  • be better prepared when introducing disabled children and young people into the organisation
  • be better prepared to make adjustments to the physical environment
  • communicate more effectively with staff and parents/carers about all issues relating to the children’s care
  • be more pro-active in planning for continuing professional development amongst staff
  • be more confident in their ability to provide for the needs of children and adults with disabilities.

Course Length: 3 hours

Number of delegates: 24 maximum

Course Content:

What is disability?
How does a disability impact on a person’s life?
The Equality Act 2010 and ‘reasonable adjustments’
Overview of common disabilities
Strategies for successful inclusion
Communicating successfully with disabled people and those who care for them.
Signposting to other services

Cost per delegate: £60
reduced to £30 for registered charities

Cost per private training session: £600
Reduced to £400 for registered charities
Up to 24 delegates per session
(based on venue and refreshments being provided by the client)

Please contact FUN HQ on 01582 420800 or download a copy of our                             current training brochure for available training dates


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