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Volunteering for FUN this summer

Volunteer for FUN

We could never run our Summer Holiday Clubs that stretch over the long hot summer holiday period, without the sterling support of our volunteers.

On all our Summer Holiday Club days this summer, a merry band of volunteers have worked tirelessly with our paid staff – Jenni and Jamie – and their contribution is priceless.

At a recent Summer Holiday Club day we spoke to some FUN volunteers. Play Assistant, Rachel (pictured above) told us: “I’ve been working at FUN for eight years now. It’s a brilliant place for me and it’s an amazing place for families. We support children to play on the bouncy castle and use our sensory room..we also help kids play with their siblings and we just have a lot of fun together!”

And Sunya said: “FUN is about spending time with children of lots of different abilities and allowing them to have fun as well as being with their friends. There’s no discrimination… so you can really be yourself here in a very comfortable and friendly environment.”

I’ve been volunteering for a year and it’s been a really good experience. I’m a lot more comfortable with the children now, they know me and I know their names.

My work with FUN will go on my personal statement for uni where I’m studying psychology…my work with children with special needs will really help, especially as I’m thinking about becoming an educational psychologist.”

Why volunteer?

There are plenty of reasons for volunteering for FUN, or any community organisation in your local neighbourhood, for that matter.

Volunteering could assist your university/college application, bolster your CV, impress a new employer at interview or may even help with a research paper for a qualification.

Those are all solid reasons for getting involved, but many of our volunteers spend a lot of their spare time with FUN because they want to make a difference…to  the young people they support, to the parents, and to their local community.

If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch.


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