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Great News For FUN and Families

Great News for FUN and Families.

After the challenges that FUN has faced over the last few months, it is with great pleasure that we can inform you of the following good news:

Funding from Central Bedfordshire Council, that had previously been withdrawn from FUN and other short break providers in the county, has now been re-instated by the Council.  Everyone at FUN HQ is delighted with the change of heart from Central Bedfordshire Council.  The Council’s commitment to continue to provide funding for our services into the future, can help us to remove the postcode lottery that Central Bedfordshire families have been experiencing with some of our most popular services.  Further discussions about this will take place when the FUN Board of Trustees meet next month, after which time we should be in a position to notify you about our plans going forward for increased access to our services for our Central Bedfordshire members.

Central Bedfordshire Council have released the following statement:

We hugely value the work that our local voluntary sector do to support children and young people with special education needs and/or disabilities and their families, and are committed to support them in their work in Central Bedfordshire. 

Over the last few weeks we have been positively engaging with local voluntary sector organisations and the SNAP Parent Carer Forum in order to ensure continuity of short breaks provision for children and young people in Central Bedfordshire as we move towards a model of personalisation and direct payments.

As a result, we can confirm we have now stabilised funding to March 2020 to ensure children, young people and their families can continue to access this provision.

During this period we will continue to work closely with families and voluntary sector organisations to co-develop a personalisation strategy for Central Bedfordshire, with a view to implementing from April 2020.

Trustees and staff would like to say a huge thank you to SNAP, the Central Bedfordshire Parent Carer Forum, and acknowledge the vital work that they have done to bring about this change of direction from Central Bedfordshire Council.  SNAP have been instrumental in ensuring that SEND children and their families are at the forefront of local government decisions; and have championed the role that key charities play within the county in providing vital services that disabled children and their families need.

Beyond 2020, we know that there are going to be changes in the way that funding is provided to us and other local charities, as Central Bedfordshire Council plans to move towards more personalisation in the way that it funds short breaks for children with additional needs and disabilities.  SNAP, Central Bedfordshire Council and the voluntary organisations will be working in partnership over the next 18 months to develop a strategy and plan for this change, to ensure that vital services are not lost during the transition.

It is critical that as many parent carers as possible are involved in this future planning, and we would strongly encourage you to make contact with SNAP and ensure that your voice is heard during this process of change leading up to 2020.  Please follow the link below to register as a member of SNAP, so that you can be kept up to date with developments and be given opportunities to provide your thoughts and feedback on any changes that may affect the services that your family uses.

To register as a member of SNAP please follow the link below:


Attached is the latest SNAP Newsletter

Website:  www.snappcf.org.uk

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