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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising for schools
  • Funny Walk Walk – For FUN hold a funny themed walk for your school. Plan your route, encourage everyone to get sponsored
  • Get your class to make their very own FUN Playlist during a lesson, and donate to hear their favourite tunes.
  • Organise a talent show, sell tickets around school to see your pupils under the spotlight and discover their hidden talents.
  • Plan a school disco, get everyone to put on their dancing shoes, show-off some of their best moves and sell tickets for £1 or £2 each.
  • Bake it! Organise a bake sale; everyone at school can get busy baking to feed those hungry mouths at lunchtime!
Fundraising in a Group

There are loads of ways you can fundraise in a group or in your community and get everyone involved.

  • Host a quiz, pick a theme, sell tickets and do it for FUN.
  • Host a street party. But don’t forget to get permission first!
  • Hold a raffle with donated prizes.
  • Host a party in your school or with your local fundraising group.
  • Strut your stuff in a fashion show and ask local businesses to sponsor the event.
  • Organise a FUN themed ball or fancy dress, raising money from ticket sales, food and drinks.
Fundraising at Work

Get your work colleagues involved in your fundraising.

  • Hold a cake sale during a coffee or tea break.
  • Donate a day’s wage and ask your employer to match your donation.
  • Do a job swap with someone in your office and get sponsored.
  • Offer 5 minute massages at colleagues work stations for a donation.
  • Charge £2 per person to wear something FUN to work. How about a onesie?