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Member Update 20/04/2020

Hi All

Following the Government’s advice this week to extend the lockdown by a further 3 weeks it has been decided by staff and the Board of Trustees that we will have to continue to cease running services at FUN. This has been a hard decision to make and one that has not been taken lightly.  We understand that the stresses and strains of this crisis will be ever growing and families will be at breaking point.  Please, although this may feel like unbearable situation we must remain safe, Stay at Home and listen to all the advice given by the government.

A BIG THANK YOU to all members who took the time to complete our survey on the ‘Effects of Coronavirus outbreak’.  The data has been very useful for us to demonstrate to funders and Local Authorities the direct impact this crisis has had on our members and their families.

Those who added extra comments have given a true insight into how hard this is for you all and it is heart breaking what you are having to go through.  We hope you will find the strength and courage to carry on until we see an end to this.  We will be providing a page on our website showing ways to manage and look after your mental health and well-being so please have a look when you get a chance. https://familiesunitednetwork.org.uk/mental-health-matters/

We are trying hard to adapt services so that we can offer as much support to you all at this time.

We sent an email out to member’s last week who have children and young people that usually attend our Youth and Young Adults Club to offer a new online service which will start running on Thursday 23rd April for Youth Club and Friday 24th April for Young Adult’s Club.  This service will be provided via a Zoom session and is FREE of charge.

If your child or young person does not usually access either Youth Club or Young Adult’s Club but you would like them to make use of the online service please send your Child’s Name and address to info@familiesunitednetwork.org.uk . Please be aware that there are age restrictions for both – Youth Club participants must be aged between 10-17 years and Young Adults between 18-40 years.

We are also sending activity packs to any members who would like one – please send a request for an activity pack to info@familiesunitednetwork.org.uk and include your Child’s name, age and address- also please state if you would require activity sheets at an easy, moderate of difficult level. The packs are FREE and are limited to children who are registered as members with a SEND diagnosis however we can supply extra item’s for siblings if requested.

Our next board meeting is scheduled for the 7th May 2020 and we will be providing a further update to members on the 11th May 2020 so please check for updates via email and on our website www.familiesunitednetwork.org.uk.

Please all Stay at Home and stay safe.

You are all in our thoughts

Kind Regards

All Staff and Trustees at FUN