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Member Update 20/07/2020

Dear Members,

Re: F.U.N. clubs and services – Summer 2020

The Staff and Trustees of FUN hope that this update finds you all safe.  This pandemic has undeniably been a testing time for all and although restrictions have been eased it is evident that we will be facing challenges for some time yet.

At FUN we have been working hard to try and return to some normality and reach out and support as many of our members as we can.

This started with the introduction of online services for our Youth and Young Adult’s club which has been a great success.  We have had fantastic feedback from the children, young people and parents who have used this service.  It has proved to be much needed in providing structure and increased social interaction amongst our club members.

We have enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the fabulous cooking and craft activities that have taken place over the past weeks.


Youth Club will continue running online throughout the Summer Holidays. 

To date we have provided this service FREE of charge during the pandemic.  However, from the 7th August 2020 the usual session fee will again apply i.e. £5 per session.  This will contribute to the cost of the resources and postage for each session, so that the young people can continue to receive their weekly activity packs.

Online sessions can be booked via our website www.familiesunitednetwork.org.uk and payment can be made via PayPal.  Bookings will need to be made in advance for the August sessions so that the right amount of resources can be ordered.  Please ensure that you have booked and paid for your August sessions by the 31st July 2020. Sessions are priced at £5 per session and a block booking will be required of £20.   Sessions can also be paid for by bank transfer – please call 01582 420800 if you would like to book and pay in this way.

From 3th August, online sessions will return to their usual time of 6.30pm-8pm on Monday evenings 2020.  We are happy to welcome back Sabba our Youth Club Co-ordinator who will be hosting the online summer sessions.


Young Adults Club will return to the F.U.N. building on the 4th August 2020 at the usual date/time – Tuesday evenings 6.30 – 9pm, hosted onsite by Harry our Young Adult Club Co-ordinator. 

All members of Young Adult Club will receive information about the Covid-19 measures that will be implemented at the club to ensure the safety of all our members and staff.  The usual fee of £6.50 per session will apply and all sessions will need to be pre-booked and paid for in any advance via our website www.familiesunitednetwork.org.uk


It is with huge regret that we will be unable to offer a Holiday club during the summer holidays this year.

FUN staff and trustees have had lengthy discussions exploring how we might be able offer this service, but due to the large numbers of members that access Holiday Club it would be impossible to implement the social distancing rules required by the current government guidelines. 

As an alternative we have expanded our respite club provision over the summer, for both the older and younger age groups.  We encourage all members to try where possible to access the other services that will be running across the summer break:

  • Online Youth Club sessions (ages 10-17)
  • Respite Club (ages 9-18)
  • Junior Respite Club (ages 4-11)

For children who are unable to access clubs onsite we are also happy to post out a summer activity pack in place of our usual Holiday Club service.  You can request a pack for your child or young person by calling the office on 01582 420800 or emailing info@familiesunitednetwork.org.uk with your child’s name, age and address – and stating your choice of pack according to your child’s level of ability: Easy/Medium/Hard. Packs will be provide FREE of charge.

Building Adaptions

FUN has had to make some adaptions to the layout of the building to ensure that we are following current government guidance. 

At present we have removed the bouncy castle and ball pond from the main activity hall and separated the hall area into zones so all young people attending our services have dedicated areas so that social distancing guidelines can followed. 

Full information about the adaptions, layout and Covid-19 prevention measures are available on our website or you can contact the office by calling 01582 420800 or info@familiesunitednetwork.org.uk to request a copy of our leaflet.


Respite Club ages 9-18 years

Reduced Respite sessions for our 9-18 year olds resumed again on the 30th May 2020, albeit with Covid-19 measures in place.  To date we have been able to offer 8 days of clubs, providing 16 shorter half-day sessions.

These adapted sessions have proved to be very popular and we are very happy to see the young people returning to club.  The measures put in place have worked well and the number of members wishing to begin attending again is growing 

If you would like your young person to start accessing these sessions, please note that currently respite places are allocated by our Respite Club Co-ordinator Harry Spillane and cannot be booked online. 

Please contact the office on 01582 420800 or email info@familiesunitednetwork.org.uk to be added to the list and have a Risk Assessment conducted prior to sessions being offered.

Session dates and times are listed below and re priced at £17.50 per session.

Our summer dates for our Respite Club (ages 9-18) are as follows:

Saturday18th July 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm
Sunday19th July 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm
Wednesday22nd July 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm
Wednesday29th July 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm
Tuesday4th August 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm
Wednesday5th August 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm
Tuesday11th August 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm
Wednesday12th August 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm
Tuesday18th August 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm
Wednesday19th August 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm
Tuesday25th August 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm
Wednesday26th August 20209am – 12 noon1pm – 4pm

Junior Respite Club ages 4-11 years

Due to the Summer Holiday Club being cancelled it was decided to start our Junior Respite Club early and begin offering our first sessions during the summer holidays.  This allows us to offer services to a much wider age range.

Emails have been sent to all members with information about this new club and Steve Dawkins our Junior Respite Club Co-ordinator has been busy holding telephone inductions for all members wishing to access this new service.

If you would like your child to attend the new Junior Respite sessions, please call the office on 01582 420800 or email info@familiesunitednetwork.org.uk to register your interest so an induction can be arranged prior to child being offered sessions.

Sessions dates and times are listed below and are priced at £17.50 per session.

Our summer dates for our Respite Club (ages 4-11) are as follows

Monday20th July 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm
Friday24th July 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm
Monday27th July 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm
Friday31st July 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm
Monday3rd August 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm
Friday7th August 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm
Monday10th August 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm
Friday14th August 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm
Monday17th August 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm
Friday21st August 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm
Monday24th August 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm
Friday28th August 20209am – 12pm1pm – 4pm


We would like to take this opportunity to ask all members to help us by completing any surveys about the services we offer.

You can access the surveys by clicking the links below:

Respite Services  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GQ7M63H

Young Adults Club Online Sessions  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GQQZND6

Youth Club Online Sessions https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GQNCTJX

The surveys really help us to understand how the services are benefitting our members, and we also use the results to secure additional funding for our services.

We value all feedback from our members and invite you to send feedback and suggestions to info@familiesunitednetwork.org.uk

Please remember to visit our website for regular updates www.familiesunitednetwork.org.uk

We are hoping that the next update will bring more good news and be another step towards getting back to normal.  In the meantime we would ask that all our members ‘Stay Alert, Control the Virus and remain safe.’

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Kind Regards

All Staff and Trustees at FUN