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Mental Health matters

As parents we automatically assume the role of holding things together.

We remain tough and strong in front of our children to help them feel safe.  This is all fine and a natural reaction to a crisis or sad situation.  This is ok if you have the support of a spouse, family member or friend.  But not all are so fortunate. You may be a single parent or be in an unsupportive abusive relationship or perhaps you have an idyllic family setting but still feel you shoulder most of strain holding the family together. Stresses and strains are ever more present when you have a child with a disability.

This is a tough and testing time for the whole world. Never before in any of our lifetimes have we had to face a crisis so damaging and uncertain.  It is perfectly ok to be afraid and worried for your health and safety and that of your loved ones. It’s ok to be strong infront of our innocent children whilst our minds are overwhelmed with fear of anyone falling ill.

We must not be hard on ourselves and find ways to feel calm and hopeful that at some point this dreadful situation will be over and we can start to feel normal again.

Mental health like covid-19 does not discriminate, it can affect us all- young and old and loved ones can feed of other peoples emotions so its important to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.

This can be struggle when you can barely get 5 minutes of peace during a long weary day.  But when you do embrace it. Listen to your favourite song and sing your heart out, read a few pages of that book you have been meaning to finish, sit outside and listen to the birds, take a stroll, meditate, call a friend or loved one. Whatever you do to make you happy and feel normal.

Restrict your viewing of media coverage and try to build a structure in your day.

Why not set a simple timetable with the children and stick to it.  Creating a new routine will strengthen all of your focuses and routine helps children to feel safe and happy.

Anxiety can come with symptoms that present very similar to Coronavirus such as shortness of breath, chest pain,dizziness ans heart palpitations. If you feel you are getting anxious try some breathing techniques and shift your focus.

Another lockdown of 3 weeks is going to be emotional rollercoaster for many and trust that you are not alone.  Please use the links below for further help and information. 

We are here to support you all the very best we can.  If you are really struggling and would prefer to speak to a member of FUN staff we will be happy to assist and will treat your call with the strictest of confidence.   You can call the normal office line 01582 420800 Monday-Friday 9-3pm.

Determine if your symptoms are anxiety or Coronavirus:


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Are you dealing with an abusive partner and need advice?https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-and-domestic-abuse/coronavirus-covid-19-support-for-victims-of-domestic-abuse


Please see advice if you suspect abuse is happening to child